Meet Our Amazing Staff


Sergio grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina watching Lloyd Bridges's Sea Hunt Series. From that time on he knew he wanted to be a Diver. Learnt to dive at age 15 and became a Commercial Diver at age 18. Diving took him to may places from rivers to oceans, quarries and dams.


Cally multitasks taking care of the reservations, e-mails, purchasing merchandise and many many more things.She is originally from Massachusetts, USA. Her and her family started coming to Caymans as divers since the early eighties.


Lindsey was born in Houston, Texas however she spend a great deal of time in Cayman since her youth. In fact her first scuba dive was here in the Cayman Islands. She loved it so much that she worked her way to the Instructor level here in Cayman.



Born in the Cayman islands, grew up loving the Ocean. Tim learnt to dive with us and after his Open Water Cert he was hooked and trained all the way to Dive Master level. Now is in the process of doing his Instructor's Course.


Nick is all the way from British Columbia, Canada. Back in 2003 Nick experienced his first dive in Lake Okanagan. He was forever hooked with scuba. He loves the tropics and has lived in both Bonaire and the Cayman Islands.

A South African Dive Instructor with experience diving the waters of his home country. JP, came to DoFo after working in a Dive Center in Cayman Brac.


Mike was born in Nottingham, East Midlands, a city that has links to the legend of Robin Hood. Mike thougt he could have been a descendant of the legendary Robin but after failed attempts with archery and swordplay he decided to try Scuba.


All the way from Australia to the Caymans. A certified Snuba Instructor, Sarah's next obvious step was to transition to a Dive Instructor. She obtained her PADI OWSI certificate with flying colors and now she shines with our dive and snorkel guests.


Hany hails from Honduras. Although a Certified Diver and First Aid - CPR trained, Hany is one of our Shore Excursion Department staff. She has been involved with the Toursim Industry in the Caymans for the last seven years.


Jonathan is from Grand Cayman. He is a Certified Divemaster and First Aid CPR trained. He also works on the Shore Excursion Department liasing with the Cruise Ships. Jonathan has been involved with the Tourism Industry for 17 years and has been diving for 19.


Our North Side Cat, welcomes all our visitors boarding our Catamarans "Skin Diver" and "Emerald Eyes". A great helper, keeps Iguanas at bay and he is a great companion during our daily tasks. One of the best crew memebers we ever had!


Bonny Marina - She keeps a watchful eye on all of us from her office under the lockers or the bush. She usually shares her food with the Ching Chings or Dave the pidgeon. Her mission was to keep mice and inguanas at far iguanas are winning though. She will exchange food for cuddling, otherwise...good luck!


Dive Shop Watch Cat, always happy to receive a pet or to be played with.