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Ceiling Cloth Dryer

Innovation is the ability to create worthy, attractive, valuable, easy to operate and long lasting products. One such proven innovation to meet out day-to-day household need is our Ceiling Cloth Dryer.

– Ravi

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  • 1. Fix the 1st wheel frame on the ceiling using Stainless Steel Anchor Fastener.
  • 2. Fix the 2nd wheel frame on the ceiling by a length of the pin.
  • 3. Fix the stainless steel Z-type Handle locker on the wall at an appropriate height.
  • 4. Fix the stainless steel L-type rope end locker on the wall below the Z-type handle locker.
  • 5. Take the two end rope insert them into the first frame wheel and insert one of the two rope into the opposite frame respective wheel.
  • 6. Pull both the ropes to make an alignment. So as the pipe is exactly horizontal.
  • 7. Insert both the ropes into the handle then tie a knot after passing the handle
  • 8. Hang the handle on the Z-type handle locker, continue the same for all the pipe’s ropes.
  • 9. Pass the rope through the flexible transparent hose and tie a knot.
  • 10. Insert the ropes into the bulb type holder and make a tight knot and fix the bulb type holder on the L-type rope end locker. Follow the same procedure for all the ropes.
  • Usage of heavy duty stainless steel pipes, which offers high tolerance towards heavy wet clothes.
  • It can accommodate more drying space, in less area which is a perfect blend of your ceiling.
  • In the cloth drying system, clothes are damaged in color and lifespan by the excessive exposure to sun and dust.
  • But whereas Ceiling cloth drying system enables the drying of your clothes using the ceiling temperature in turn protecting its color.
  • An Indoor hanger comes in different variations comprising 2 lines, 4 lines & 6 lines individually adjustable drying Stainless Steel rods.
  • The product is available in different lengths like 5ft, 6 ft, 6ft-9inches, an 8ft and universal width of 2feet-3inches, 2ft, 1ft-6inches.
  • Optimum space between individual pipes allows smooth airflow between clothes and reduces mildew and smell.
  • Physical disabled accessible; much easy to understand and operate its functions.
  • Ceiling cloth drying hangers offer premier quality which is reliable.
  • Balconies
  • Laundry rooms
  • Over Bathtubs
  • Closet areas & Storerooms
  • Corridors & Pathway between rooms
  • Terrace wall sides
  • House backyard
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Easy & Fast Ceiling cloth dryer System: Each Rod can be rolled down separately
  • Easy Operation and User-Friendly: Can be used by All the Age Group of Peoples.
  • Specially designed good quality rope for longer durability: Also spares are available if required.
  • The package will come with installation manual and can be installed by any carpenter, Electrician, Plumber and AC Mechanic.We will also provide a link to a video of the installation.
  • Ceiling cloth drying hangers which are Eco-friendly in nature help in reduction of carbon footprints; in turn, saves your energy and electricity.

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